We have lift off!

Yesterday was the official launch of our photography business from a trading point of view. The website has been here as a place holder for a few months but that is all it has been, we haven’t been idle though as producing the stock has been a mammoth task whether it has been sourcing good quality materials such as mounts, paper, bags and business stationery right through to having custom printer profiles generated to provide accurate and excellent quality prints. The printer ink was not a problem though as we will not use anything other than the manufacturer’s originals to ensure your images won’t fade.

Yesterday we displayed our prints for sale and we sold some, it was a great day to gain feedback on the work and I am really grateful for all the positive comments and also locations people want photographed. A big thank you to everyone who attended making our first day of public trading such a memorable one.

Our stand layout was not ideal for which we apologise to you all, however going forward to our next trade event in Exeter at Castle Street on Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December we are looking to improve this so people can browse our prints easier  with better clarity on what is available and the cost.

We do have a very good relationship with an excellent framer so we are able to provide a service to provide our prints framed which of course will make a perfect Christmas present.

We really hope to see you at Castle Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 3PU on the 30th November 2013 or 1st December 2013 in the meantime I will be updating the content of my website so please come back soon.

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